Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone

Feb. 27,2018

Congratulationto JTS(JS) LIGHTING:

JTS(JS) LIGHTING,recognized as--Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone.

Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstra

▼ Factory Outlooking

Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstra

▼ Showing  Room

Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstra

Qualityis the life of a enterprise!

With a well-disciplined attitude, JTS(JS) lighting company strictlycontrols the quality of products, from raw materials to finished products ,every step being checked by QC(Quality Control).JTS(JS) lighting company holdour tenet of “Beingresponsible for the customers, for ourselves”!

JTS(JS) lightingcompany,awarded “Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and SafetyDemonstration Zone”,thanks for the support and affirmation from superiordepartments.Our JTS(JS) lighting company will continue to do our best,doingbetter quality,achieving greater prosperity!

Enterprise of Provincial Export Quality and Safety Demonstra

JTS(JS)lighting company,does want to thank all JTS (JS) workers for theirefforts.Let’s fight for the JTS(JS)’s tomorrow.It is also JTS(JS) worker’stomorrow.Wish JTS(JS) lighting company’s business is booming!

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